Saturday, May 30, 2009

Liverpool 1's me... konata again... Why konata you asked?... Because konata had arrived Liverpool by smugging myself into plastic bag which later store deep inside my master's Luggage... There i reach Liverpool ! ~
Konata in Liverpool
*hoho ...i'm reached Liverpool*

Okay...Let's talk about my master's Schedule for going UK...

1st of all , My master ride an airplane...*duh*

*The yellowish thingy isnt Gundam beam...but the sun rise*

Then after struggled 17hours from Kuala lumpur till Abu dahbi and till manchester. Doing nothing but watching movie which the airplane provided. My master finally reached Manchester - England.
Green view 2
*Green-ish field of manchester*

Talking about green-ish , I found out there were tons of wild flower growing everywhere , well...almost EVERWHERE! ... those wild but yet nice flower...
*I found out england people are damn like i know...*

After reaching manchester international airport , My master been forced kidnaped to Queue up and going to the coach bus which leading towards Atlantic Point.
Q up to bus
*Queue up arrrr....*

Strangely ...the weather there wasn't too hot nor cold. It's something like you went to genting in the morning and the sunlight beam towards you. Not hot but warm. But it turns out kinda chills when they are no sun light.... CHILL man ~

The hostel that we going to stay. the Atlantic point
Our Hostel - Atlantic Point
*It's the hostel building that we will stick on 3months onwards...*

After giving the key , My master brings me back to his room , Tidy yet small room. Oh whatever, As long as i can sleep at night and online at morning ...
My bed "
*1 Room 1 Bed... *

After the unofficial "Check in"... We prepared ourself and start our journey to the FOOD! .. We were given a Subway voucher which you can grab 1 Subway Sandwich free...

Thanks to our Mobile map - Melvin A.K.A Leader of the walker... We are able to reach Subway half hours (or more) later....
*Building from there was superb , old but taste of modern are included inside...totally match la ! *

*Some streets that lesser people went...*

Ya...UK time was 10.34pm and the sky are as bright as 8pm....Gosh

Monday, May 25, 2009

Krispy Kreme

Last 2 weeks (13thMay) i went to settle the insurance from MSL along with Camie and bunches of UK goers... Afterward we going Timesquare for Lunch... Or should i say "high tea"? *lol*
Krispy Kreme~
*1Dozen of Krispy Kreme*

We had our lunch at krispy kreme which was damn full afterward. We even "tapao" because too much for us already...
The donut it's kinda "sweet" than other donuts shop like J.Co or Big Apple.

The Coffee also not bad *the american what what(forgot what name already)*
*Donuts ... Many Donuts...*

Over all the donut there really sweet enough... Needs to balance up with the coffee which you add lesser suger syrup to make it bitter. Sweet donut + Bitter coffee = Great Match!

My named Cup
*They even write down your name inside*

The girl there asking my name as well as my phone numbers ... Wondering why she wants it back then....

Finished up my Lunch , We went shopping and end up bringing Konata Backs!
My cute little konata
*A fake Konata nendoroid which cost me Rm60(Original cost me Rm250)*

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Konata's Story 1

Konata Love Anime
Early in the morning , i wake up and watch anime!

Konata Love Grass!
Cant do anything in this hot sun shine.... therefore walking in the garden....

Konata Love Flowers!
And enjoy the flower.....

Sleeping Konata
And went to sleep at night.....

End my days..

From konata

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fraser Twin Peak

Last week 1st may(labour day) i went to fraser hill along with my parents , as well as their friends. To conquer the twin peak which located deep inside pine tree trail.

Roughly 6am we depart from our home , Reached fraser around 7am , Had some simple breakfast and off we go...
PineTrail Entrance
*The pine tree trail entrance...*

The trail takes around 4hours to pine tree's peak, and additional 1-2hours to twin peak.
Along the trail ..
The road to twin peak
*Rainforest on the trail*

The trails
*My dad(the red shirt)*

great texture of nature
*Found this slippery but nice green stuff*

This is the land created by the tree's root, Therefore it's soft and slippery. Just like empty inside but strong holding land.

Not forgetting my dad likes to take wild orchid as well as some weird plants..
Orchid perhaps?
*Some beautiful orchid which my dad shot*

On the way taking the shot of the orchid , My dad found something at the tree branch...

It Was !
look what we saw in twin peak?
*Small but harmless snake..pssspssss...*

Some Strange Plant
*Some strange plants...*

For couple of hours we reached twin peak!

*nothing but beautiful mountain view...*

*Other view of the beautiful mountain*

The moon~
*The nice moon , Which you can see it clearly without cloud*

After the trail we reached fraser town around 5-6pm and it's damn tired afterward... Damn tired which i suffered 2-3days onward... *ouch*

Thats end my Fraser- Twin peak post :D

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Aww... Cant help falling in love with my Konata... *so this post i cut queue k?*

My cute little konata
*adorable konata chan~*

Konata chan~
*Sitting konata chan~*

Konata again >_<
*Wahhh i'm sooouuu cuuutttee~*

*dun beat me...arrr...*


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fraser Prelude

Ya.... For some period that i rarely follow my dad hiking already , It's because the toughness of climbing...aww... Too lazy to climb *lol*

I went to Fraser hill on labour day, To conquer the Twin peak located near Pine tree trail. (If you still remember the pine tree trail)

Fraser Big Bang
*The fraser famous clock tower , it's too short to call it a tower thou*

Gonna post some of the "toughness" of the trail on next post :D

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy birthday Joshua!

I went to saisaki for my 2009 birthday celebrations last month (09/04/09) . It's was suppose to be "suprise" party as camie lead me from KLCC to Wisma UOA.

Kinda suprise when i saw Wch,Dylan,Munster and Mok in there , WaitingEating while waiting for us.

Ok , Let the pictures talk...
*saisaki japanese buffet*

Food 3~
*The sushi/sashimi*

Food2 ! ~
*Bunch of foods*

* again*

Food 5
*Bunch of sushi*

lol with bunch of foods we cant stop our hand eating ...

Group Shot
*finally a group shot from our "fatt fuk family (3F?) *

My cake you ask? ... Well .... here it is ~
Happy me
*the 5cmX5cm square orange cheese cake is my birthday cake*

See how happy am i ? ... haha

It's great to have bunch of guys celebrate with me , For those who didnt attend for this saisaki, You guys's turn to treat me next year ...muahaha... *kidding*

Thanks for those who celebrate for me , Wishes me as well as cursed me *lol*

p/s: picture are thanks to Dylan's K610i