Saturday, March 20, 2010

Frontera Bar And Grill

On monday i went to Frontera Bar and Grill for dinner along with camie. We went and found no one there...yet (might be just open), We ordered each of us a meal
Frontera Burger
*My burger set*

Frontera Taquitos
*Camie's Taquitos set*

*My tequilla+coke?*

*Camie's dunno what liqueur*

And finally we tried out the super duper hot chicken wings...
Super duper hot wing
*Sibeh hot man !!!*

Feel like wanna burst outta flame after ate it.

Overall the quality is super nice! , Try it out once in a time ... lol

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Live life alive

I love being relaxing and slacking off myself back in my hometown , It's something like a holiday between working period , But the period being at my hometown is as fast as a bullet , it wont be enough for me to hanging around. breathing out and sharing the time with my family.
A dawn in Rawang
*it was like dawn in the evening*

Haha... i'm still alive ... after Chinese new year holiday i'm back for work again. hmm... let's list down what i did after chinese new year.
Yeah , i went to sungai petani for my mum's parents house, Ms teng's house for bai nian , Korean BBQ buffet for craving frogs food , and tenji buffet(unexpected food quality) , LJMU's convocations in KLCC , Inspidea angpau for rm5 .

Korean BBQ ~
*Mr D are preparing our foods*

Oh yeah ! .. i get my new toy as well
*a springfield M14*

Yeah...such life is enough for me.