Sunday, January 1, 2012

Re: 2011

2011 had come to an end.

I had a great 2011 ...
Ok i just let the picture do the talking

Jan - Inspidea went to Bali as a company trip

Bali whole gang



March - Our Genting Trip
Genting gang

Genting jump!

Genting Gang

May - Yaowei's Bakuteh trip
Yaowei's house2

Yaowei's house

Outing in the middle..
Neway sing k

Steak Day


Pirate outing


Jun - Penang Trip

Penang Group

Penang Group 2

Penang insta

July- I went to Hong kong/China for visiting my cousin there.

Hong kong

Dec - Yaowei had his Birthday at Fish market :)
Yaowei's big day

Big Table Dinner

Dec 17/18 - Comic fiesta , Had a great experience selling stuff.. lol
Comic Fiesta Booth Crew

Our Dream

Dec - Melacca Trip
Melacca Gang2

Melacca Gang1

Thats all for my 2011.