Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do re mi

Do re mi fa so la ti tooo

yoah ~

1 month had passed and i'm lying in my hometown's bed for this things up.
Well , i've skipped 3weeks for not coming back hometown due to heavy work out in inspidea... *Geee*
Anyway it would be much more heavier this coming months..
Didnt expect to come back either...

I'm fine ! very fine... just that couples of time ago i've had my worst nightmare. It's seems that isnt over yet but i feel really better than before, Might call it a little sunshine after the rain?..

Inspidea's Monthly event had organized a ROCK BAND2 competitions which is a PS3 game. Require 4 band members to play instruments like drums , bass , guitars and vocal. Fun though ..Make my finger itchy and hoping to grab ibanez's
GRX70DX. haha

Wilson back from hong kong and bring me a book called - BLACK PAPER (黑纸) , i found it quite interesting though , and 1 more book called NO BIG DEAL (捞碧刁) which is from unkle beach , i guess it will be in my "to buy list" during my HK trip next year , which hoping it's still available on . Haha...suddenly soooo into books..

Black Paper
-Black Paper-

Someone asked me a question "how do you define happiness?" , Well ... It's profound question for everyone actually. But i'll be happy if i'm doing things right , and i'll wish that you do so.