Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Short Post

Recently i had stopped several upcoming blog post because of laziness *haha*
So now i list down those:

-Bagan lalang Post
Dylan’s Birthday

By the way , Say tata to my Window XP , Welcome Window Vista!

I'm writing this post using window live writer.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Guess Who Is This?

For someone's sake... I uploaded this picture with my own risk...
*Please take the picture in your own risk*

Today we went to sg.wang for Ktv seasons... *like usual* the gang of Ktv was quite a numbered

Feel like going to tell the secret already.... Anyway Just post this picture..

*Guess who is this?*

For those who correctly guess it right , We(the whole bunch of siaoz teams) will be proudly give out the same thing as the siao zhabo wearing now...

Broga's Ikan Bakar

Okay it's been a while since the lazy bump monkey post his previous post...

I found something that i had been missed out , Which is the night after we climb Broga Hills , We had our dinner at Broga there .

The restaurant name was 柚木园烧鱼 - Kedai makanan pokok jati . Gonna recomend the ikan bakar there ... 95/100 i rate it ! The remain 5 was lack of meat to eat... * not enough eat la *

Ok , Let's had our dishes served ~
*Lemon sauce chicken , Taste not bad thou~*

*Curry mutton ...erm... a bit like "canned food" feel...*

*The vege i hate most , But nice after their recipe!*

Finally the main dishes~

The ikan bakar was totally awesome...Even a fish hater like me also addicted to it ....

Cannot explain at here further more...Must try it out!

Kedai Makanan Pokok Jati

Batu 25 , Jalan Broga ,Semenyih , Selangor
Tel-03 87610088
H/p-012 3682882

Must try la~ Damn Nice!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Short Post - Bagan lalang

Never watched Dragon ball yet? ... Heres one ...
*sunset at bagan lalang*