Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sushi Zanmai's been a while since my last update.

I went to mid valley along with Camie and janie and then with my family last Friday 9th October for a hang out. Since my sister are there, We "wat" her to treat us Sushi Zanmai located at The Garden.

I had my unadon which is the best among all... delicious !
SushiZamai - Unadon
*Rm22 unadon... damn nice*

My sister hooked up onto Soba, everytime we went to japanese cuisine she always order it. So there's Soba ...
*Soba = Cold Mee dip into the sauce*

After a few picture taken , the food are getting more and more , therefore in order to keep the pace and avoid been eaten by others.. i already stop taking picture and grabbing chopstick... *haha*

And here is a plate of random Sushi
*sushi sushi*

We still have curry katsudon , grill scallop and ice cream cake which i didnt take picture...

After the meal, We went to watch the movie - Surrogate , by Bruce will.

Overall it's awesome by the effect similar to terminator , the human skin merged with mecha feelings. Worth to watch.

By the way... i'm still job-less , anyone want to hire me? T_T

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Recent updates

"i gotta feeling ... that tonight gonna be a good night" , it's a song by Black Eye Pea. But it's like another level coming out from my heart. It's our LJMU graduations song back then.

It's actually 3-4months back from where we start our journey from KLIA to Manchester thru Abu Dahbi. Back in that time we are still young and naive. Until now i still not regret for what i'm been through. Wasting my parent's money to UK was quite satisfying. at least i'm getting what i want. Knowledge , Friendship and some wide experience on which i would never will be reach again.

Although we are job-less and slacking out (or it's just me...haha) But i feel that been through all of this make our friendship stronger.

And now i'm officially graduated and jobless. but i'm still missing out the moment back in UK, the pizza which i love to eat , the shopping freak place 99p , home bargain and finally my own bed room. kinda miss the feel of the chilling wind too.

Ok la ... Writing this one make me feel emo... looking forward on 14th November for TARC convocations !!! For our Advance diploma Classmate !!! See you there~