Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hello ~ ... It's a holiday saturday ! It's the one and the only time i can online T_T

Okay.... i'll short the crap , It's been 1 month for working in inspidea , Let's show my PC and some environment :D
Inspidea Pc
*My desk , Without mouse one leh...*

And this one is SS2 pasar pagi, Roughly 7-8am every thursday , I used to buy breakfast here.
SS2 Pasar Pagi
*look like night time *

And last saturday i went to penny's open house for BBQ with bunch of friends, Somewhere at melawati there. Full with mountain view ... *healthy-nya*

Penny New House
*some view outside penny's house*

Last but not least , I went to jaya one for Buying supply at cold storage, In the end me and my mum get lost inside. Somehow i thought this "Jaya one" should be a moved version of Jaya supermarket located near Digital mall ...But it's not ... *sigh*

*jaya one*

Rumors it's a hangout place for UTAR-ian ... *haha*

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Start , My Start

It's been a period since i start my 1st job, I work in Inspidea as junior animator, It's an animations studio which was quite well known in Malaysia animations industry. Their work such as Mustang mama , Mat Kacau and Boo and me. If not mistaken it's show on Astro Ceria and Cartoon Network Europe.

I start working in 4th Jan last Monday. I am well receive and they did give me a warm welcome on that... *thanks dude*

I found something quite interesting, there are no mouse in my PC (which is all wacom based) , No internet in pc , *sigh* , There is no internet anywhere... This include the rent room which i stay along with my mum in PJ area. No internet !!! ...

I thought i cant survive without internet , Being a 21th century teenage , A lack of internet is like smoker without their lighter , or even gambler without transport going to genting. *forgive my lame comparatives* Haha~

Well , It's a new life for me , at least for me. I'm trying to suit myself into this situations . Working life is indeed exhausted in terms of physically and mentally , In which you animate a flash for the rest of the working hours. *it's really dragging my mind off*

Anyway . For those who stay in PJ , Please do ajak me outta yumcha or something . or else i'll like 24/7 operated pc without shutting down ... *boom* lol

*sorry for my bla bla bla ... but hey it's my blog what*