Sunday, October 26, 2008

Melaka Trip Part2

So the next day , We went to jonker streets again for the chicken rice ball...
On this month it's Damn hot in melaka But strangely...Raining season in Kl.....

So most of us spend a lot for buying water...

*The hat brought by Daniel*

Our choice would be this Hoe Kee chicken rice ball ...Recomended by howard...

*Hoe kee...Very old style*

We ordered 30 balls for 5 of us....a bit ...lacking....But still okay la..

*Looks like fish ball....*

*The half chicken and 30 balls...*

After the eat....We went to Porta De Santiago AKA A famosa...
It's purely for visiting our melaka's heritage....Nothing to eat

*The weather damn hot!*

I still remember Diploma sem we had our Photography from Justin and we running all the way from KL to melaka ....Just for shooting...*sigh*

*So memorable*

The statue of *Dunno who* ...ahaha

*No name was found*

Camwhore with the red christ church 1st...
*Symbol of melaka....haha*

*The church really works....on Sunday!*

Then four of us went to this Museum melaka for some looks..
*The Stadthuys..*

Okay...I guess thats end my melaka trips...
I get a :
-BB Shotgun(Really childish)
-Dodol for friends
-and gain weight T_T

Friday, October 24, 2008

Melaka Trip Part1

Last two week (10th-11th october) i went to melaka with my hometown friends for a food trips , It also the 1st time we had a bunch of us gathering outside of our states...

So we stay at the guest house which Fish intro to me. That is Ringos Foyer Guesthouse.

*Ringos Camwhore...*

After we dropped our bags , We head to the most famous streets for melaka that is ...Jonker streets !

Basically it's a Petaling streets kinda feel . Full of junk foods , Playable toys , Weird stuff etc..
*Crowded with peoples...*

On the way i found this "Famosa Chicken Rice Ball" that i went to it at diploma years..

I still remember when i first time visit melaka and found out everything so special. Sean from u2 say to me:-

Me: "I wanna bring something back KL...But what ar ?"
Sean: " bring this cup back lar.." then point to the plastic cup that i was drinking...
Me:" Okay..." then i warp it with plastic bag...

Haha...the cup that i mentions was still in my desk until now *haha*
*Famosa chicken rice ball*

I even saw the geographer cafe that fish mentions
*Luckly i saw fish's lengchai face expression...

so i didnt visit it*

But i did try this raddish cake(Intro from fish too...)
*Totally delicious!*

After some walk we decided to back guest house for rest our stomach.....
But after that we decide to go for satey celup also...
Due to howard , Ringos foyer's boss suggest us to eat Satey celup in midnight for lesser crowded people....
And it was right...There are 1 table left for us to sit ..Wuhuhu~
*So many satey celup to makan!*

*The 5 of us(include camera man Daniel) *

Stay tune for part2 that i will update soon

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Days

Last monday we had our 1st class (it's second actually , But the 1st one lecturer didnt doesnt count XD )...

So after the class we had our badminton matches with a bunch of classmates...
Some of them were damn happy to see their beloved classmate until they jump like this ....

*Wee...Gay jump*

On the other day...i went to lowyat with Fish and Steve for my graphic card's upgrade...
Brought already rm345 ATI Radeon HD 4670 graphic card...

*Bye bye my old HD3650...*

Ya...My HD 4670 Graphic card !...Wuhuhuhu~

*The outside...*

*The inside....weee*

Damn happy and sad in the same time....Happy for owning a new Graphic card...Sad for being broke for whole week....*sigh*

Monday, October 13, 2008

Roti Arab?

Okay...a short post....
Last friday i went to yumcha with friends at BRJ ....
And ordered a weird yet delicious stuff ....

*Roti arab special*

Hmm... What so special about it ? ...Imagine you order Ramli burger with special....
The so called special = A bunch of vege+egg ...Haha

But hey...If you order Roti arab double special would be something like this....

*Extra star for you...*

Haha....just kidding...i made this up :P

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pine Tree Trail Part3

Okay...Here are the last post for Pine tree trail...

These are the scenary for the pine tree hill , Higher than fraser hill ...
Around 1505M above sea level if not mistaken....

*Good scenary...*

*A lot a lot of mist*

*Misty again ...*

*Some different plants from high hills*

*They even say the KKB view can be seen here...*

Well....thats alll for the pine tree trail post..
Coming next outdoor activities would be Gunung kutu if not mistaken...

Ofcourse...i just follow my dad lar ~haha

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pine Tree Trail Part2

Okay , Sorry for the delay of this post ...Here goes part2

After we reached the camping site , We already half dead(execpt my dad and the gangs..they are hyperactive)...
*My dad just arrive the camp site*

*There are some pondok build from orang asli*

So we build up our tent , There were 2 tent , 1 for 6 people and the other for 4, There are 8 of us total , So men and women seperate to different tents.
*The green one is for 4people....*

*Campsite camwhore...haha*

After the tent , We set up the kitchen for ladies to cook for our lunch
*The kitchen*

*Hmm...Taste good!*

Then we dropped out everything that we bring to cook because our backpack mostly is FOOD!...
Thats why we having backbone pain after reaching the campsite...
WTF around 10kg the backpack! (included Camping stuff , Cooking stove etc)
*My dad old old cooking utensil from his scout king era*

After the lunch ...around 4-5pm the mist are getting thicker , It means the weather is getting cold , So we take water from the stream side to drink , Ya...the water can drink it directly , Feel like mineral water....that coming out from rock...haha
*Thick mist.....cooooolll*

*Pretty cold mist...*

For two days one night overnight at the middle of the Jungle....I feel that ....My room's bed is the most comfortable bed in the whole world !! This is because 8 of us cant sleep at that night due to the uncomfortable bed....damn it....

On the next day , We decided to climb the Pine Tree Peak , Because without climbing it , The Pine tree trail trekking wont be complete ...
The pine tree peak was around 1-2hours start from our camp site... it means another suffering is coming....aww...
*The view of pine tree peak*

Stay tune for the last one - part3 The pine tree peak

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pine Tree Trail Part1

On this wednesday (1st october) I went to fraser hill along with my dad's bunch of friends. They plan to have a camping trip deep inside the fraser hill's jungle that is Pine Tree Hill , I had my intrest for being the 1st time to camping.

So early in the morning we depart from KKB to fraser hill. Oh ya...For those who don't know , The fraser hill's road is using take turn system which mean you have to go uphill in 1 period and after that they open for downhill. Because of the road is too small (Only can drive for 1car)..

So a lot of trekking guys Queue up for the uphill. Mostly are Non-malays because the day was the 1st hari raya day.

*Bunch of jungle trekking guys*

*Fraser's Camwhore ! *

After reached the top of fraser hill , I saw some of the inn and other structure are under reconstructions , probably due to goverment strongly recomenting this "small london" as tourist site.

*Many are still under reconstructions*

*The fraser landmark - Fraser Clock*

After registered at police station about 8 of us going to camping deep inside the forest ...
We straight away went to the Pine Tree Hill entrance - The Pine Tree Trail

*Take away nothing buy photograph , Leave nothing but Footprints...i heard this so many times already*

*The trail*

Around half hour after we depart from Pine Tree Trails , I found this freaking worms..

*Omg ! Damn long the body *

Oh ya..The trail was up and down , Climbing mountain and dropping. Some are easy and some pretty dangerous as below .

*Dangerous cliff*

On the way to the Pine tree Hill , The scenary was damn good and the air was refreshing cold. Not forgetting that the Pine tree hill was 4k something height above sea level . Although cannot compare to mount kinabalu (13k something) that earn the most height mountain from SEA.

*The scenary was good ! *

Stay tune for the Part2 that will update once i collected all those picture