Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Green One

From previous post , I went to sekinchan for photo shooting. Kinda tired but still worth it. Looking into beautiful green paddy field makes my eye GREAT *haha*

Okay enough for crappin.. Let's Picha~
Paddy Leaf
*The green paddy field was Damn big!*

Beautiful Paddy Field
*I think went to sekinchan will help eye treatment... haha*

Green Green~
*Everything saw in there was GREEN*

Big Green Field
*The wind breeze was confortable*

Green Green Field
*Everything can conclude with the word "Green" *


After the paddy shooting , We went to had our dinner , SEAFOOD! ..

Which is next post ..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sekinchan Day

I went to Sekinchan with my usual "back to the nature" gangs today , Tired yet feel happy because those picture was nice! the paddy field are like Sea.... Big and wide..

Gonna out for Dinner... *ciaoz*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

HP TouchSmart Tx2

Introducing , My newly grabbed Laptop from PC fair last week.
The touchSmart Boxes
*HP TouchSmart Tx2 Box arts*

Was planned to own this laptop for so long already , Wishing day by day to it... And now finally own it *hehe*

It's spec is :
AMD Turionx2 Dual core Mobile processor (2.2GHz)
12'1 Diagonal LED HD Bright view intergrated touch screen
320GB hard drive
4gb RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon HD3200 with 64mb
Window Vista Home Premium

Cost me around rm3.2k including some freebies like Mouse,Bag,Cooler,Pendrive,Lock etc..
*In Laptop Mode*

Touch smart with Laptop mode
*Alone with my desktop at my desk*

It's spec are okay to me , But the most impressive thing is the Tablet mode...
Tablet mode
*In Tablet mode*

i can just open Photoshop and draw it just like drawing in paper...

Cant wait to use this in UK soon ...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dylan's Birthday

Last month 21th is dylan's birthday , So me , Wch , Mun , Steve , Fish and JP decided to had early celebration with him at 20th

Dylan's 22th Birthday Cake
*His birthday cake*

Happy birthday
*See how happy he was?*

We went to neway for his birthday suprise , I know wasn't so suprise to him *cerdik lah him*
So we had our suprise at the Gift

Me with Dylan with The Gift
*And now he seems abit suprise ... ngek ngek *

*Don't take my pic...dun ..dun ..said dylan*

After several minuites ...He seem pretty enjoy our "gift" and keep playing on it

Dylan The Superman

*Now romeo pulak*

Haha... So after Neway we went to fill in our dinner , Since Fish remind us that Kimgary serve Newly Birthday Boy well , Then we head to Kimgary for our dinner. You know what ? 50% discount in total bill leh ... We ate around rm120 end up rm60 , So Cheapppp!

And their food also not bad... Especially cheap , Really cheap !! *ok la...i know i repeated so many cheap*

Heres the 2 set of "sample" *Haha*
Kimgary Setlunch2
*The Salmon fish one, from hensem mun*

Kimgary Setlunch1
*And the unagi one, from 4 of us*

So dylan's Birthday had finished and guess what? .. He still wearing the "Thing" until now le...
So whenever you saw him , Make sure you check it wether he wearing it or not *ahahahaha*

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bagan Lalang Post

Alright ... Felt guity for not update my blog... So i decided to whack off my lazyness :D

Last two months *Feb i guess* I went to Bagan Lalang located near sepang there for camping. With a bunch of Nature lovers *haha*

So we pack up and depart from Camie's hometown - Kajang

*Early in the morning*

*Snap picture 1st hoho*

Reached there almost 6pm , Decided to build up our tent first
BaganLalang_028 copy
*Swiftly built tent ~ haha*

And then quickly grabbed our camera to shoot the Sunset... Damn nice sun set , the gradients suit perfectly , Unfortunately it run so fast that turn into night in couple minuites...
*See how happy camie was?...*

BaganLalang 079
*all crazy for the sunset*

Then at night it's raining until we hide ourself inside the tent...

*Plain dark without the light*

Around 1-2hours after the rain had gone we start to eating our dinner with cooking , We cook everything we bring , Maggie mee , Beans , Eggs etc... *It's like a ghost starving festival*

At night all of us sleep at the beach with sleeping bags , Watching stars and listening to the ocean breezes... I gotta admit... It's feel good

The next day we went to CF's house at Seremban , And had our Brunchs there
*My cow meat noodles , Which quite famous among the place*

Okay this end my Bagan lalang's Post..