Thursday, July 31, 2008

Zoo Negara..

Today camie,mt and i went to Zoo Negara for camie's photo journalism...To shot the "Journey to the zoo"...After the breakfast around 8am , Then we ride a rapid Kl to the main entrance of the zoo..

*the bus stop just infront of this....*

*nice shadow technique by camie..*

*wee...lion king !*

*the bird park...*

*the giraffe..damn tall man*

*bird?...some flamingo kind of bird...can be seen everywhere in the zoo , By Mr Pro*

Damn tired after the trip and then we went back around 2pm...phew...
Mother nature are great !..

plan to go Museum negara next time...keke

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Dark Night Knight

Last thursday(24th) We went to berjaya time square for The Dark Knight, It's been a while since we didnt watch movie together, So a bunch of us are going to join.
But before we reach , Poor jiepeng lost his hp , Damn those snatchers...I'm kinda sicks of those snatchers because i also been this situation before....*Sob*..
So we had our lunch at Harts Chicken Buffet !'s BUFFET ! ~
*Buncha buffet eater are around the table..*
Don't underestimate Fish for his size....Trust me...He is a great rubbish eater...*wakaka*
*Why so serious ??*
*Why so sohai Serious part2*
Haha....overall this movie Rox !...Although i'm not the fans of the Badman Batman because (Bat+man) nothing special what....lolz *(iron+man)= very different from the bat one...Haha*
Rate for this movie : 7/10

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Me Mee

Last thursday i went to along with my friends(Mok, hon mun, Dylan and camie) to shopping...After the shop we stick to this ban mee's specialist shop(sounds cool huh?)...

*The so called "Need face" noodle specialist shop*

*Snap from high angle..*

*hmm...which one nicer?..*

*Emmmm....Sedap-nya "zhajiong" ban mee! *

Overall i think it's still acceptable la~...The environment quite nice also...
But for the sambal i prefer the one located at Genting klang (面对面)...That one damn nice!..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Size doesnt matter

Can anyone guess how many people stucks in hon mun's car?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Found this while i'm shopping at 99 supermarket along with my housemate..

*Translated into "Ass-hole MeeFun"*

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Wanted

I know i's been a damn while since my last post...alright i was slacking off again...
Last sunday i went to summit usj for movie called wanted.

*total i give 8/10's just too many CGI inside*

*Inner joshua*:" what movie without CGI now a days?"

Ya to oldies ...New movie getting much more CGI. What to watch after 10-20 more years? ...the fight of CGI ...wuhuhu~...siao

But in that day i went ...It's sunday ?! plus there were some riot or some illegal meeting in kelana jaya....and end up like this...

*omg...traffic jamm...*
Many police barricade was held on the way we go....*sigh*