Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gunung Irau

Last week 10th i follow my parents and friends to cameron highland for mountain hiking. We stay 1 night at gopeng which is uncle simon's relative house.

Then we start our journey the next morning 5am , After having a light breakfast and off we go cameron highland.

Reached the entrance around 10am and start to pack things up.
start going
*you can see me wearing shoe..haha*

Okay , some short intro for the gunung. The gunung irau , At 2110m, it's the 15th highest mountain in Malaysia. The peak has a border marker shared by 2 states - Pahang and Perak. (well , most of the highest mountain also located in pahang), In order to go there you have to travel to Cameron Highlands and proceed to G.Brinchang by road.(yesh , by tar road , and according to my dad it was the highest Tar road ever in malaysia)

The trek was moistly and full with mud and dirt. Your trekking boots are 100% get dirt and mud and the trek is the most hardest trek i walk before. *phew*

Full with mud , you have to walk along with trees vine and having a stick in your hand is an advantage as it can help you a lot on muddy trek.

Unfortunately i didnt brings any camera along , all these picture was taken with my dad's 450D.

So the main character would be ..........

My mother....

*beginning of the trek*

*up and down , up and down and up and down*

Yeah , my dad was flora and fauna's snappers. So plants and animals are his best shot.
monkey cup?
*monkey cup so big?*

Along the road are monkey !!! i mean Monkey Cup! .. Never saw so many monkey cup in my life !
*Some unknown flora*

I get lost with uncle simon in first , and i keep walking until my parents was left behind. In the end i was walking alone *haha* Parent are far behind and Uncle simon are far infront.

*luckly my dad was fast enough to snap a picture of me*

Half mountain
*and picture of me *

Gunung irau
*The top of gunung irau , 2110M atas paras laut (above sea level)*

*the proof of me havent dead before top...haha*

Okay , The trek was killing me , Muddy and Hard to climb. I was barely alive back then, having 2 small bottle of water and keep nagging my dad for extra water , and nearly fall into valley.

Tough experience i had ...haha

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Late Wishes

A Late wishes for my friend - Cheryl

happy couple
*Car car ~ *

Happy wishes for you !
me and bride room

Been know her ever since kindergarten , I'm class rap and she's assistant back than...

Happy to know she found her beloved - Wei xiong

Haiz...suddenly felt many of my friend are getting married. or ...Am i too old for not to? ...

Haha.... wait until i found my job 1st...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My Graduations!
Finally i'm graduated....

Job hunting is next.... *sob sob*

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sushi Zanmai's been a while since my last update.

I went to mid valley along with Camie and janie and then with my family last Friday 9th October for a hang out. Since my sister are there, We "wat" her to treat us Sushi Zanmai located at The Garden.

I had my unadon which is the best among all... delicious !
SushiZamai - Unadon
*Rm22 unadon... damn nice*

My sister hooked up onto Soba, everytime we went to japanese cuisine she always order it. So there's Soba ...
*Soba = Cold Mee dip into the sauce*

After a few picture taken , the food are getting more and more , therefore in order to keep the pace and avoid been eaten by others.. i already stop taking picture and grabbing chopstick... *haha*

And here is a plate of random Sushi
*sushi sushi*

We still have curry katsudon , grill scallop and ice cream cake which i didnt take picture...

After the meal, We went to watch the movie - Surrogate , by Bruce will.

Overall it's awesome by the effect similar to terminator , the human skin merged with mecha feelings. Worth to watch.

By the way... i'm still job-less , anyone want to hire me? T_T

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Recent updates

"i gotta feeling ... that tonight gonna be a good night" , it's a song by Black Eye Pea. But it's like another level coming out from my heart. It's our LJMU graduations song back then.

It's actually 3-4months back from where we start our journey from KLIA to Manchester thru Abu Dahbi. Back in that time we are still young and naive. Until now i still not regret for what i'm been through. Wasting my parent's money to UK was quite satisfying. at least i'm getting what i want. Knowledge , Friendship and some wide experience on which i would never will be reach again.

Although we are job-less and slacking out (or it's just me...haha) But i feel that been through all of this make our friendship stronger.

And now i'm officially graduated and jobless. but i'm still missing out the moment back in UK, the pizza which i love to eat , the shopping freak place 99p , home bargain and finally my own bed room. kinda miss the feel of the chilling wind too.

Ok la ... Writing this one make me feel emo... looking forward on 14th November for TARC convocations !!! For our Advance diploma Classmate !!! See you there~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

SuYen's Wedding

Happy wedding days su yen !

Yesterday attend my friend's wedding's day located at my primary school's hall. It's a secondary school class union also when we all yum seng together and shout out loud , cheering each other.
260920091908 copy

Feel like time flies so fast , it's been a while since our last Union , which is mei yoke's BBQ at her house. It's something funny back then as i received a pacifier on the present exchange season.

Happy always la su yen !

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Toy at UK

Gee.... Finally i own a train miniature !!! It's something like my dream to own one of it. I damnlove love train actually , Both real and miniature. Due to the influence of what i'm watching during 6-7years old small. I love to watch Thomas the tank engine last time. Still love until now...

But not about their story anymore la... it's about their miniature and how detail was their train was... Talk less , Let's show you what i grab today.
BritishRailway Industrial 0-4-0
*My 1st Set of Train!!!*

Hornby OOGauge British Railway Industry is it's name , it's 0-4-0 locomotive type , I even brought an officer for suiting it up ...

I saw another model which is also nice looking , The Super-Heavy Self-Propelled Mortar !! Which is super duper high detail. (Even with model grass on it)
60cm Morser Mortal
*the 60cm Morser Mortar*

Feeling i'm going to get my 2nd train set tomorrow... :P

Btw , Did someone saw this kinda train set in malaysia? (i mean those train miniature)
i'll love to waste my money on that... :D

Friday, August 7, 2009


The day is 28th july 2009 , 4am morning , We packed ourself as we going to Scotland's Edinburgh that day....

This trip is plan organize around 1-2weeks before , a total of 13 people in 3 cars.

It was a great experience for me , Being the first time to plan such great journey.
*Before i depart*

It was raining at first , And the scenery along the road was great, Feel like we've been drowning into fantasy world. Full of grass and pasture , Cattle and lamb , Rocks and mountain .

*In the middle of the road.*

*Green pasture filled the earth*

*Mountain and rocks*

Roughly 12pm we reached Edinburgh , the capital of Scotland. It's not as crowded as i expected. Instead , a warm , peaceful town area. And we check in at the West end hostel which DG Booked.
infront of the hostel
*Look how happy i am? ... haha*

*The town was unexpectedly small*

*The view of the edinburgh city*

Although it was nice , regard to the scenery and feelings , But the best i would say will be the A82 road from Loch ness to Glasgow.
*just look at the scenery of the road.*

*Look at the unedited blue sky and white cloud.*

The scenery was tempting, And nice , Too bad we didnt stop and take photos.
But i'll pay a visit again if there are any chance for me to back here.

The trip was excellent , 4days 3night and roughly 120pound which we spend. Lots of sweat and tears we get.

Thanks for my friends. thanks driver and thanks you all.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pre-Scotland Post

Okay... We are going to Scotland on the next day 4am .... the trip plan and organized by us.. abit weird la... but it's okay for explore in foreign country also ... with a bunch of gangs...

I brought some "equipment" for Scotland... Actually it's not only for Scotland la... But for the weirdo weather in liverpool.
My cloth brought from UK
*A Waterproof jacket , pants , shoe... nike tee are not waterproof... lol*

Melvin and the gang are going to take our beloved rent car back home this morning.... And they went back with this ...
Our Rent Car
*Our car !! *

This is our 1st row car A.K.A Dragon head's car , There will be 3 car going and our car will be the lead car for the rest. Pretty touch huh?... Just rely on a GPS machine and 2 books of British map?... I'm already scare now...

But never mind lar.... worst come to worst ...Sleep in car lor ... *lol*

The trip schedule is like this :

Liverpool - Edinburgh - Sleep and play for 2days - Loch ness - Fort william - Glasgow -Sleep and play for the next day - Lake district and finally back to liverpool again.

*Wish us luck... We sure need those*

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Northern Wales

We went to northern wales - conwy last week. Another "back to the nature" feel as the town itself is middle of the jungle. It's something like fraser hill to me, But it's colder la...

*A Wales style jump XD*

Northern Wales contain various castle in which we failed to visit. The rain is big and the entrance fee cost you 4.60pound... OMG! it was totally a rip off.. *sigh*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Talking about food in Liverpool , I'm pretty sure which Balitong had mention/critique something regarding to the foods here(he keep nagging while eating sandwich ...

As usual. We eat sandwich/maggie mee as breakfast , eat abit high class(rice/pasta/mee) with our group members. and at night... EAT OURSELF...

But sometimes thing can become so luxury here... We went to transformer which cost a lot and eat MCD...
Cicago supreme burger
*the great tastes America series*

This one cost me roughly 5pounds.. which means almost rm30 for a burger+fries+carbonated drinks.. I can eat A LOT in malaysia by using that 5pounds ! ..

Cicago supreme burger- inside
*The inner part of the Burger*

Balitong and me ordered great tastes America set and Camie ordered this deli fresh of sandwich.
Deli Chicken and Bacon Sandwich
*Deli sandwich*

And both of our burger are NON-HALAL !! Which means pork included !! Wuhuhu~
*Gonna dig in KFC to find NON-HALAL stuff soon*...

That's the most expensive food which i ordered in Liverpool for this whole months... Drinks you ask? ..Well ... Might be this one ...

5% vodka
*Smirnoff Vodka which contain 4% of alcohol and which Camie complained :" JUST LIKE 100PLUS!!!" *

Haha... Thats end my Eating sections... Oh ya ...
We shared a bottle of wine today... Going to drink it soon ...ngek ngek

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Random one

Did i lack of blogging?
*Flower flower *

Yea I'm the lazy one

The Transformer

*This poster sure got a lot of other version*

Watch this movie with them(those who update blog after they back... You'll know who they are ...haha) , Yeah the transformer... Was thinking that 3months in UK and never tried UK's cinema before , So why don't give it a try? , That decided me to going the Cinema which cost me 5.20pound (roughly rm30) for a ticket.

I know it's expensive.. But i think it's the 1st time as well as my last time would be ... lol
Well transformer is a must for fans like me to watch , I love mecha/machine like transformer and iron man or megaman ...

One thing i don't like in the movie is the Mighty Devastator which is the combinations of constructicon ... What on earth did they make it like monster like and all it's ability is sucks ?!... and two balls from it's leg swinging? ... and Jetfire was the old granny which holding a stick? Man !... this movie really ruined my transformer childhood's image... But the movie was okay lar... At least give the impact of how the 3D merged into real footage ( oh come my professions's sickness)

Ok la... enough of my craps and some comments of mine... If you really are the transformer fans , Watch it like it's brand new for you... or else... *haha*

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Liverpool 2

Tired...damn tired , We just back from the class far from our hostel around 20min walking distance... It's quite challanging to our leg , Walk here walk there.

Actually the class today was a rough brief about what we will do in liverpool in this 3months. Finish the brief , Ian , the head of the project decided to lead us to the city to know one or two about liverpool life.

The 1st station was FACT(Foundation for Art and Creative Technology)
*The main entrance of FACT*

Afterward we went exploring the cities which we went for supplying last few days ago(seems like walking again and again). After these torturing walk , We went back to dean walters building for refreshment... Well it's Lunch and we ate alot that time....*wondering can tapao or not ... lol*

Afterward we went to Albert Dock , Feel the big river of mersey, And then went back to our atlantic point... tirednessly..

Here are the random picture from there...
Albert dock
*The albert dock's Hall*

*lol ...quite many camwhore i did at there...*

Sunshine people
*Sunshine are rare to all those "ang mo" , therefore they prefer at sunshine rather than shades*

Albert dock
*Albert dock...and the statue of billy*


The truth man!
*Behold the great man with ....youknowwhat..*

Commercial car park?
*Random-ness signboard...*

Going to chester city tomorrow...Expecting something new...hoho... i guess

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Liverpool 1's me... konata again... Why konata you asked?... Because konata had arrived Liverpool by smugging myself into plastic bag which later store deep inside my master's Luggage... There i reach Liverpool ! ~
Konata in Liverpool
*hoho ...i'm reached Liverpool*

Okay...Let's talk about my master's Schedule for going UK...

1st of all , My master ride an airplane...*duh*

*The yellowish thingy isnt Gundam beam...but the sun rise*

Then after struggled 17hours from Kuala lumpur till Abu dahbi and till manchester. Doing nothing but watching movie which the airplane provided. My master finally reached Manchester - England.
Green view 2
*Green-ish field of manchester*

Talking about green-ish , I found out there were tons of wild flower growing everywhere , well...almost EVERWHERE! ... those wild but yet nice flower...
*I found out england people are damn like i know...*

After reaching manchester international airport , My master been forced kidnaped to Queue up and going to the coach bus which leading towards Atlantic Point.
Q up to bus
*Queue up arrrr....*

Strangely ...the weather there wasn't too hot nor cold. It's something like you went to genting in the morning and the sunlight beam towards you. Not hot but warm. But it turns out kinda chills when they are no sun light.... CHILL man ~

The hostel that we going to stay. the Atlantic point
Our Hostel - Atlantic Point
*It's the hostel building that we will stick on 3months onwards...*

After giving the key , My master brings me back to his room , Tidy yet small room. Oh whatever, As long as i can sleep at night and online at morning ...
My bed "
*1 Room 1 Bed... *

After the unofficial "Check in"... We prepared ourself and start our journey to the FOOD! .. We were given a Subway voucher which you can grab 1 Subway Sandwich free...

Thanks to our Mobile map - Melvin A.K.A Leader of the walker... We are able to reach Subway half hours (or more) later....
*Building from there was superb , old but taste of modern are included inside...totally match la ! *

*Some streets that lesser people went...*

Ya...UK time was 10.34pm and the sky are as bright as 8pm....Gosh