Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gunung Irau

Last week 10th i follow my parents and friends to cameron highland for mountain hiking. We stay 1 night at gopeng which is uncle simon's relative house.

Then we start our journey the next morning 5am , After having a light breakfast and off we go cameron highland.

Reached the entrance around 10am and start to pack things up.
start going
*you can see me wearing shoe..haha*

Okay , some short intro for the gunung. The gunung irau , At 2110m, it's the 15th highest mountain in Malaysia. The peak has a border marker shared by 2 states - Pahang and Perak. (well , most of the highest mountain also located in pahang), In order to go there you have to travel to Cameron Highlands and proceed to G.Brinchang by road.(yesh , by tar road , and according to my dad it was the highest Tar road ever in malaysia)

The trek was moistly and full with mud and dirt. Your trekking boots are 100% get dirt and mud and the trek is the most hardest trek i walk before. *phew*

Full with mud , you have to walk along with trees vine and having a stick in your hand is an advantage as it can help you a lot on muddy trek.

Unfortunately i didnt brings any camera along , all these picture was taken with my dad's 450D.

So the main character would be ..........

My mother....

*beginning of the trek*

*up and down , up and down and up and down*

Yeah , my dad was flora and fauna's snappers. So plants and animals are his best shot.
monkey cup?
*monkey cup so big?*

Along the road are monkey !!! i mean Monkey Cup! .. Never saw so many monkey cup in my life !
*Some unknown flora*

I get lost with uncle simon in first , and i keep walking until my parents was left behind. In the end i was walking alone *haha* Parent are far behind and Uncle simon are far infront.

*luckly my dad was fast enough to snap a picture of me*

Half mountain
*and picture of me *

Gunung irau
*The top of gunung irau , 2110M atas paras laut (above sea level)*

*the proof of me havent dead before top...haha*

Okay , The trek was killing me , Muddy and Hard to climb. I was barely alive back then, having 2 small bottle of water and keep nagging my dad for extra water , and nearly fall into valley.

Tough experience i had ...haha

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Late Wishes

A Late wishes for my friend - Cheryl

happy couple
*Car car ~ *

Happy wishes for you !
me and bride room

Been know her ever since kindergarten , I'm class rap and she's assistant back than...

Happy to know she found her beloved - Wei xiong

Haiz...suddenly felt many of my friend are getting married. or ...Am i too old for not to? ...

Haha.... wait until i found my job 1st...