Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Broga Hill Part2

Back to the Broga Hill ...

After watching those picture that we take , I feel not regretting to take it under the hot sun , Because the timing it's really important to take the Blue Sky , Cloudiness . But you may suffer Sun burn instead... *haha*

So let's the picture talk ...

Broga hill 12
*The 1st hill top of broga hill *

Broga hill 11
*You can see the whole semenyih/Kajang at the hill*

Broga hill 10
*The sky was damn cloudy as well as blue*

Broga hill 9
*Blue sky with Green cogongrass*

Broga hill 8
*The blue sky was Nice! *

Broga hill 6
*The path of the broga hill*

Broga hill 5
*Green green grasses...*

Talking about the another hill top , We picnic at there because the rock provide shade to us , And it's really hot at there.....
Broga hill 3
*Another beautiful broga hill view*

Broga hill 4
*Dandelion like grasses...*

The trip of broga hill was ended and i'll found that Photography could be fun enough if you dare to do this and that , Like taking photo in restaurant while everyone watching at you...

Hmm... I wonder when will be our AML redang trip? *still considering kah?*

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Broga Hill Part1

Hehe...Yesterday 17th Feb i went to Broga Hill along with Camie and Janie , Actually the plan was on 3months before , But ... JanieTime la ! , Not allow to go on time.... So in the end we went up there yesterday.

Prepared everything include :
My canon 450D , tripod , water
Janie Nikon D90 , Water (plenty of water include 100plus which save us in the end...hehe)
Camie Lunch box which include Tuna and Egg sandwich

We choose the hard way which round the whole forest and it's pretty slopy and jungle trekking , Due to the route was quite save time, But in the end we take those time for picture snapping etc...

In which we choose the time around 10am-2pm to snap picture because the cloud was darn beautiful to take, Which also burned our skin so darkly... *Haha*

Enough of my crap , Let's Picture Time!

*The hill on top was shade-less !!*

If you wish to take those picture with the sun on , Please at least bring umbrella or apply sun block... If not end up * Sun burn ...*

*the hill was full with these cogongrass~ which attract most photographer*

End up the sky was deep blue.
*Broga hill !!! Rawww~*

*Wow the view quite nice! said Me! *

This Saturday i might be went off to Camping ...
Will update 2nd part soon ..