Saturday, June 20, 2009

Random one

Did i lack of blogging?
*Flower flower *

Yea I'm the lazy one

The Transformer

*This poster sure got a lot of other version*

Watch this movie with them(those who update blog after they back... You'll know who they are ...haha) , Yeah the transformer... Was thinking that 3months in UK and never tried UK's cinema before , So why don't give it a try? , That decided me to going the Cinema which cost me 5.20pound (roughly rm30) for a ticket.

I know it's expensive.. But i think it's the 1st time as well as my last time would be ... lol
Well transformer is a must for fans like me to watch , I love mecha/machine like transformer and iron man or megaman ...

One thing i don't like in the movie is the Mighty Devastator which is the combinations of constructicon ... What on earth did they make it like monster like and all it's ability is sucks ?!... and two balls from it's leg swinging? ... and Jetfire was the old granny which holding a stick? Man !... this movie really ruined my transformer childhood's image... But the movie was okay lar... At least give the impact of how the 3D merged into real footage ( oh come my professions's sickness)

Ok la... enough of my craps and some comments of mine... If you really are the transformer fans , Watch it like it's brand new for you... or else... *haha*

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Liverpool 2

Tired...damn tired , We just back from the class far from our hostel around 20min walking distance... It's quite challanging to our leg , Walk here walk there.

Actually the class today was a rough brief about what we will do in liverpool in this 3months. Finish the brief , Ian , the head of the project decided to lead us to the city to know one or two about liverpool life.

The 1st station was FACT(Foundation for Art and Creative Technology)
*The main entrance of FACT*

Afterward we went exploring the cities which we went for supplying last few days ago(seems like walking again and again). After these torturing walk , We went back to dean walters building for refreshment... Well it's Lunch and we ate alot that time....*wondering can tapao or not ... lol*

Afterward we went to Albert Dock , Feel the big river of mersey, And then went back to our atlantic point... tirednessly..

Here are the random picture from there...
Albert dock
*The albert dock's Hall*

*lol ...quite many camwhore i did at there...*

Sunshine people
*Sunshine are rare to all those "ang mo" , therefore they prefer at sunshine rather than shades*

Albert dock
*Albert dock...and the statue of billy*


The truth man!
*Behold the great man with ....youknowwhat..*

Commercial car park?
*Random-ness signboard...*

Going to chester city tomorrow...Expecting something new...hoho... i guess