Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pre-Scotland Post

Okay... We are going to Scotland on the next day 4am .... the trip plan and organized by us.. abit weird la... but it's okay for explore in foreign country also ... with a bunch of gangs...

I brought some "equipment" for Scotland... Actually it's not only for Scotland la... But for the weirdo weather in liverpool.
My cloth brought from UK
*A Waterproof jacket , pants , shoe... nike tee are not waterproof... lol*

Melvin and the gang are going to take our beloved rent car back home this morning.... And they went back with this ...
Our Rent Car
*Our car !! *

This is our 1st row car A.K.A Dragon head's car , There will be 3 car going and our car will be the lead car for the rest. Pretty touch huh?... Just rely on a GPS machine and 2 books of British map?... I'm already scare now...

But never mind lar.... worst come to worst ...Sleep in car lor ... *lol*

The trip schedule is like this :

Liverpool - Edinburgh - Sleep and play for 2days - Loch ness - Fort william - Glasgow -Sleep and play for the next day - Lake district and finally back to liverpool again.

*Wish us luck... We sure need those*

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Northern Wales

We went to northern wales - conwy last week. Another "back to the nature" feel as the town itself is middle of the jungle. It's something like fraser hill to me, But it's colder la...

*A Wales style jump XD*

Northern Wales contain various castle in which we failed to visit. The rain is big and the entrance fee cost you 4.60pound... OMG! it was totally a rip off.. *sigh*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Talking about food in Liverpool , I'm pretty sure which Balitong had mention/critique something regarding to the foods here(he keep nagging while eating sandwich everytime..lol) ...

As usual. We eat sandwich/maggie mee as breakfast , eat abit high class(rice/pasta/mee) with our group members. and at night... EAT OURSELF...

But sometimes thing can become so luxury here... We went to transformer which cost a lot and eat MCD...
Cicago supreme burger
*the great tastes America series*

This one cost me roughly 5pounds.. which means almost rm30 for a burger+fries+carbonated drinks.. I can eat A LOT in malaysia by using that 5pounds ! ..

Cicago supreme burger- inside
*The inner part of the Burger*

Balitong and me ordered great tastes America set and Camie ordered this deli fresh of sandwich.
Deli Chicken and Bacon Sandwich
*Deli sandwich*

And both of our burger are NON-HALAL !! Which means pork included !! Wuhuhu~
*Gonna dig in KFC to find NON-HALAL stuff soon*...

That's the most expensive food which i ordered in Liverpool for this whole months... Drinks you ask? ..Well ... Might be this one ...

5% vodka
*Smirnoff Vodka which contain 4% of alcohol and which Camie complained :" JUST LIKE 100PLUS!!!" *

Haha... Thats end my Eating sections... Oh ya ...
We shared a bottle of wine today... Going to drink it soon ...ngek ngek