Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Toy at UK

Gee.... Finally i own a train miniature !!! It's something like my dream to own one of it. I damnlove love train actually , Both real and miniature. Due to the influence of what i'm watching during 6-7years old small. I love to watch Thomas the tank engine last time. Still love until now...

But not about their story anymore la... it's about their miniature and how detail was their train was... Talk less , Let's show you what i grab today.
BritishRailway Industrial 0-4-0
*My 1st Set of Train!!!*

Hornby OOGauge British Railway Industry is it's name , it's 0-4-0 locomotive type , I even brought an officer for suiting it up ...

I saw another model which is also nice looking , The Super-Heavy Self-Propelled Mortar !! Which is super duper high detail. (Even with model grass on it)
60cm Morser Mortal
*the 60cm Morser Mortar*

Feeling i'm going to get my 2nd train set tomorrow... :P

Btw , Did someone saw this kinda train set in malaysia? (i mean those train miniature)
i'll love to waste my money on that... :D

Friday, August 7, 2009


The day is 28th july 2009 , 4am morning , We packed ourself as we going to Scotland's Edinburgh that day....

This trip is plan organize around 1-2weeks before , a total of 13 people in 3 cars.

It was a great experience for me , Being the first time to plan such great journey.
*Before i depart*

It was raining at first , And the scenery along the road was great, Feel like we've been drowning into fantasy world. Full of grass and pasture , Cattle and lamb , Rocks and mountain .

*In the middle of the road.*

*Green pasture filled the earth*

*Mountain and rocks*

Roughly 12pm we reached Edinburgh , the capital of Scotland. It's not as crowded as i expected. Instead , a warm , peaceful town area. And we check in at the West end hostel which DG Booked.
infront of the hostel
*Look how happy i am? ... haha*

*The town was unexpectedly small*

*The view of the edinburgh city*

Although it was nice , regard to the scenery and feelings , But the best i would say will be the A82 road from Loch ness to Glasgow.
*just look at the scenery of the road.*

*Look at the unedited blue sky and white cloud.*

The scenery was tempting, And nice , Too bad we didnt stop and take photos.
But i'll pay a visit again if there are any chance for me to back here.

The trip was excellent , 4days 3night and roughly 120pound which we spend. Lots of sweat and tears we get.

Thanks for my friends. thanks driver and thanks you all.