Thursday, November 27, 2008

Greenbox Truck?

Wow...Yesterday saw something intresting , Green box's truck infront of metro wangsa yesterday , Somemore an ahpek inside singing , Seems that the trucks need some attentions so they put the speaker outside.

Damn noisy la ....Haha

*Someone shaking his head =.=*

*Notice the skycolor?*

Actually these two picture was taken around 6-7pm , But then it's like DOOMSDAYS !
Damn windy and raining , Luckly before the "doomsday" start we tapao and ran back home...hehe

Oh ya ...This tuesday i went to blood donation at TARC , For Munster's infromations , It's my 2nd time ! wee~ so precious ! ahaha

*Huh ? sticker changed to BM?*

*My package!...of blood donate equipment*

Anyone wanna go Ktv after watching the truck?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Crap in my mind

To be honestly , I was worry about my Final year project , The animations that work on 3D, first would be It’s the 1st 3d animations that I’m working on it, It’s still a long way to deal with 3d animations.

Anyway I’ll try my best to work on it, As time goes by I will improve my skills.

By the way
Happy birthday Fish , Yesterday we celebrate fishy’s birthday at hometown steamboat , suppose on today but we celebrate it earlier because of fish(yeah…it’s fish fault again …lol)

*See his face so lengzai*

*Fishy..finally twenty*

Semester goes like cloud as cloud flies without words and sound. This is the last semester that I’ll stay on TARC , probably in Wangsa maju as well , So after this semester what would be next? …Working ? Degree in UK ? … I wonder…

As every time I fell into trouble , I hope that God will bring me back on the right tracks , And it’s always successfully done. This time would be not excluded as well… Yeah ! I will finish my Animations !...

At least…This is my crap in my mind…

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Gunpla

Okay......Today i went to KTV with camie and attend the Bakuc located at Sg.Wang(Don't ask me why still got such free time...Relax Relax ma~)

Haha...So i brought a gunpla in Timesquare there , Due to the so called Gundam Expo only sell some of the Gunpla and there are not my favourite HG ! (Damn many MG)...

So i bring back my 00Gundam with rm35(Cheap huh?) I tell you what , This Gunpla really worth it ! , Cheap but damn detail+movement alot ! Very impressive that how Bandai would come out something like this...

So the whole day would be Gunpla Attaching Days for me ...
Enough for the crap , Let's Attach~

*The Twin Drive System AKA 0+0 = Double Cheese Burger 0 Gundam*

Oh ya ...I dunno whats the problem Bandai had , But damn ! , The Transparent Plastic that Bandai provide was a bit...Lacking , The color totally different and It's MAKE ME MAD ! argh!

So i use my gundam marker to draw the head's Reddish light as well as the two GN SwordII's upper Blue part.

*Tada ! ...Damn hard to color it*

The half of attaching~...Sleep a while after that ...hehe

*The Gundam Without Leg*

After "some" period i finally finish my Gundam!

*GN-OOOO 00 Gundam(So many O , No wonder it's double O gundam)*

*Kinda proud of this gundam , Thanks Bandai! *

Coming up next would be Cherudim Gundam/Virtue Gundam~

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adobe CS4

Today i went to Shangri-la hotel to attend the Adobe Creative Suite4's launching kinda talk. So wake up in the morning , prepared and went to LRT along with buncha gangs...

Reached there around 8-9am..It's kinda late but we still manage to be there...

*The Shangri-la hotel...*

There were tons of designers who attend to this talk, I ran into many familiar faces today. Lecturer , Ex-lecturer , friends , juniors.. etc etc

*Everyone was having a tea before the talk starts*

Inside the hall ... The speaker that i love the most is Tim Cole. Damn funny this guy , And well entertained us . Glad to hear his speech and his technique on PS/Id/Ai .

*Inside the hall....*

But sadly after the tea break which is right after Karl's speech on his Ae/Pr stuff... We ran off because that it's not that interesting anymore further on...
(Gee~ i would like to see Flash as well...Oh well~)

In conclusion...This CS4 is superb ! great ! marvelous ! and COOL! (coz it's been a Cool Stuff 4)...

Looking forward to download Buy this Product... Keke

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Randomly we choose...

This monday we having our usual "football" ...But only survive for 1-2hours(Damn raining)...

So afterward we went to jusco for "lunch+dinner"...
Damn... it's just like our old time...hehe

So 5 of us called 4 set of lunch(wch excluded)...

*So randomly...Guess which one is mine?*