Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gunung Ulu Semangkok

On 20th December i went to Fraser hill - Gunung Ulu Semangkok Trail for hiking , Along with my dad's friends , All together roughly 12 people include children ..

Early in the morning we went to buy Foods , Drinks etc, Stop by at our Peacefully Pekan.

*Damn peaceful , Even birds also lesser than KL ..haha*

Around 30minuite we reached the 1/3 parts from fraser hill .
*Damn cold ! damn cold ! *

The weather was damn cold ! ... It's because of last night's rain. The road was wet and i doubt our Trail would be muddy...

And i was right ~

*Muddy Road ...*

Due to the morning breeze plus the new year wind . It's extreamely cold at there , And the last night's rain make the tree become wet and cause rain when wind blow...

I'm Wet !..Yet cold! ...

*Some of the half road scenary*

*The weather is okay , But wet and windy*

I wonder what the hell is this worm .... So i take a snap on it...

*It really looks familiar huh?...*

Monday, December 22, 2008

Carls Jr the 2nd Time

Last wednesday i went to midvalley with camie , Suddenly butt itchy desperately need to dig in carls jr's burger... So we just went there for it...

*Gosh ..Midvalley's Christmas deco just like indian style*

It's so shiny that i cant resist to take a snap on it :D
*Green Green Shiny Deco Ball*

I cant resist on taking this whole Christmas tree too...
*Blek ~*

Went into Carls Jr .....Wasted used around Rm50 for two...

*"A Star of serve you better " said Carls jr*

I was order the Double Western and camie order the dunno what chicken mushroom (i wonder am i order the same old burger since last time?)
*Behold ! ...The Damn Gigantic Burger! *

After we swallowed my burger , We decided to move on for digesting....

So we watched the DOG BOLT !
*Thunder marks in it's right body...*

Overall it's okay lar....In terms of -
Animating part 9/10
Lipsnychro 9/10
Lightning 9/10
Camera Angle 10/10
Storyline 8/10

To be honest , I was blurred by this story , Not because of it's way of telling , It's because of the damn profession's cell inside my brain. I keep on enjoying their skills of animation rather than the story...So called 职业病 *Sigh*

Oh ya the story is about a cat...
*a 3d cat that owned a thunder mark beside it..*

Okay...i lied ...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jingle Bell With Sickness

Wu~ I had my illness on last saturday ...Fever plus some stomachache... Mostly the damn maggie mee that cause my stomach pain...Banned Maggie mee forever !!!

It's look like i'm gonna spend my Christmas with these sickness...(choi choi..)

*Some of my medicine....Ya...some...*

Speaking of christmas...I went to KLCC for PCFAIR grabbin last friday(the day before i ate the damn maggie mee)..

Grabbed a 500Gb Seagate HDD for just purely Rm188 ?!... Unbelivable?...believe it *haha*

1Tb as i heard was just Rm299 ... Hardware are so easily drop their price huh?...

How bout my R20 Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works?!

*Still Rm167 in Kinokuniya....*

Maybe i'm just stupid to wait Kinokuniya's book to drop price... *haiz*

Anyway ...Saw this christmas tree on the center of KLCC , Grab my phone and take it ....

*Finally some Christmas environment *