Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's A Blood Blood Day

Well...It's been a while since i blog , (I know la..i'm been slacking off and Sleep all the day :P)
No la actually , I was having a hard time in my life...Really hard for me...

The day was 21th June 2008 , It was around 8-9pm When i was watching anime in my room , Suddenly my brother calling from a stranger's number and telling me that he meet an accident and pretty serious...

It really scare me and i quickly drive my motor to the place....

Omg...He suffered Fractures(Broken Bone) and lost his right leg's last toe because the Blood flow wasnt that good......

When i was told that the motorbike that was the source for this accident( My brother was slightly touched by opposite motor that wish to cut over 3 cars?!)...I was cursing that damn bitch asshole that cause my brother to suffer....Damn that guy!

*Some blood stain from the incident*

*My brother's Slippers still at there*

*Who will know this peaceful road will be that Bloody*

In final...I was praying to God that hoping my brother will heal in his heart as well as his leg...Amen

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hon mun's birthday

Alright...i was late about this post that should done in 4th june..Oh goes..

We went to gasoline located at time square for hon mun's birthday party...well...should i say Advanced birthday party because his birthday was suppose to be 0606(aiseh..damn evil number)...

So we decided to give him a surprise for buying 2dozen of J.Co donuts...21 with candle and 3 from it used to slap on his face...lolz (Be sure to take the slapped picture from mt..haha)

Some picture taken from there...

*of cause cannot la....this your "Advance" birthday...*

*my food..erm...Black pepper butter chop...Nice*

*The girls...*

*birthday boy end up been smashed~ Wee...*

*Mt also kena...lolz*

*J.Co Donuts...Emm..Sedap~*

*Our Group Pic..*

After that we been stucked into Petrol caused traffic jam and it's about 2hours!!!...Argh...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Petrol Day

The very moment of history that ....There would be this quite a big number Q-up to fill up the petrol....Some of you might wondering ..What happen to the petrol?....Well...

The story starts from our PM - Pak lah....
He make the petrol increased to RM2.70 per litre...*sigh*

*wangsa maju's caltax was Sick with cars*

*same caltex again...-.-*

*this one more worst...Shell Station located around chowkit monorail*

Monday, June 2, 2008

Well i got tagged?

Well i get tagged by 20...(didnt notice since long time didnt blog hopping..Paiseh =.=")

Real name: Joshua Leong Wen Xian

Nickname: Joshua ? or salt fish(dun ask me why)

Married: getting soon(haha..)

Zodiac Sign: aries

Male or Female: Male.

High School: SMKKKB

College: TARC

Short or long hair: Short

Are you a health freak?: Still ok lah

Height: Kinda tall enough...

Do you have a crush on someone?: Hmm..I guess so

Do you like yourself?: Not really

Piercings: Nope

Right of lefty: Righty


First surgery: Jahit jarum at my Knee before , Due to my naughtiness

First piercing(s): Nope..

First best friend: Tong Sing

First award: 1st price Singing competition at kindergarden..

First sport you joined: Soccer

First pet: Chicken that my grandma brought and killed in the next days.

First vacation: Fraser hill.

First concert: Nope..

First crush: Someone from primary school...


Eating: Writting this tag..

Drinking: Plain water...

I’m about to: Go out and find my dinner..


Wants kids: Maybe ...or maybe not...

Want to get married: Duh...

Careers in mind: Design?..


Lips or eyes: Eyes

Hugs or kisses: Both can?

Shorter or taller: Taller gua..

Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic?

Nice stomach or nice arms: Arms....erm..can i ask for both?..

Trouble maker or hesitant: Erm...both also not good...


Kissed a stranger: Nope...

Drank bubbles: Why would i ?

Lost glasses or contacts: Never wear glasses before..

Run away from home: Once when i lost my pet...

Liked someone younger: Perhaps

Liked someone older: Guess so..

Broken somone’s heart: Hmm..maybe

Been arrested: Nope..

Turned someone down: I guess not ?

Cried when someone died: No doubt..

Liked a friend: Yea...


Yourself: i mean most of the time...

Miracles: Yes

Love at first sight: Ya

Heaven: Ya

Sex on the first date: Nope

Angels: Ya


Is there one person you want to be with right now: Ya..

Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time: Nope

Do you believe in God: Ya i believe God..