Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gundam Kyrios

Since when did i brought this gundam....Hmm...Oh ya...Same time with dylan , mun and cheekin that brought theirs !

Sorry for the late post ... Here goes for my gundam kyrios !

*GN-003 Gundam Kyrios *

*Kyrios in MA form*

*Full shot for kyrios*

Phew ...I spent already 3-4hour for attach / coloring / perfecting this gundam !
i'm gotta admit that ! ....it's feel good!
My heart feel itchy to buy another gundam already..

Hmm.....which should be my next target?

MG 1/100 Infinite justice gundam ? or MG 1/100 impulse gundam ? or collect back HG 1/144 Virtue Gundam ?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Klang Trips 2nd Version Day2.5

Okay ...Continue from day2 , After we enter the four season house ....We found that we are not in malaysia as the scene was damn "other country" feel! ..
Check this out

*Scene 1*

*Scene2 ...damn many flower...*

*Scene3 ...damn many flower too ...ahaha*



So after the four season house ...We then back to paddy field for group shots...

*Our Group Shot~*

After the taman pertanian's adventure... We had our dinner with STEAMBOAT ! as promised...
Everyone also drooled with it...Yummy

*Steam steam steam~...*

So here goes our Klang trip 2nd version...
Kinda enjoy sticking with our 10 brothers ... Happy sei !

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Klang Trips 2nd Version Day2

After the day one , We had spent 1 night at fish's house , Then we departed to klang's town for breakfast , Then packed up some drinks , Bread etc for the adventure..

Meanwhile ....Dylan the poser..

*The poser...ngek ngek he say*

Recognize this masjid? ...This is the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque that i snap while in the way..

*Quite big the mosque ..too bad can't stop by to snap some pic*

After some time struggling with lost...We manage to come to Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam...

*Selamat Datang...*

After park our car , We went to the counter for tickets...

*all our gang rushing to the ticket counter*

And for those who ask how big is Taman pertanian...see this...


Damn big the places , Might be double of Zoo Negara or Triple of TARC....
So we dunno how to start with , The most silly part is we plan to travel it ....without a bike..

*Hmm...let's see where we should started..*

Inside the park there were a paddy field that count as ...erm ...big la..
But those Paddy aren't as healty as me...wakakaka~

*Paddy field....*

As we walk through the jungle..with road , We found some trail that shows a jungle trekking trail. So we end up entering the jungle...

*Jungle Snap...Dylan feel so silly...*

And know what?...we get lost as there aren't any further trail for going anymore...
So we turning back murmuring to get a bike for ourself...

After we get our bike , We travel it pretty smooth(at least smoother than walking)
And we found this dirty mouth parrot that speak "Farker" ...omg...Someone teach this bird foul language...


For some time after the "farker bird" we reached the four season park that require rm3 to entering it...

*The park that cost around rm3...*

Want to know what inside the park? ....stay tune for the next update soon

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Klang Trips 2nd Version Day1

Huhu~ ..Finally i manage to get my picture from my n95! ...So stop the crap and let's the picture do the talking~

We went to bakuteh recomended by Fish not far from his house....And here is the Wet one...
*Wet Wet Woots Woots~*

And this one is the dry one... Inside have lady fingers , Dry chili etc.
*Dry one!...not as good as previous one*

So after we digged our Bakuteh... We went to Fish's home and dropped our package/Bag.
*The Orangish one...Damn rich fella*

For the steamboat to be dropped into our stomach , We have to spends some time before the bakuteh being digest , So we had a walk at pasar malam nearby and brought some "shaky ice-cream - 摇摇冰" Haha....

Then we went to Bukit tinggi's Jusco for Mama mia! ...Damn cold inside leh because we only wear shorts ...Before the movie starts ....We makan ice cream...again
*Chocolate snow cheese*

*Some bloggers can't stop himself from snappin*

After the movie , It's was damn tired and we still stick to our original plan which was "Steamboat" !...
Unfortunately the time was around 12am and mostly the shop are closed . We had no choice but to chit chat at restaurant boston (Big Fried - 大炒) ....

For sticking our butt to the chair about 2-3hours , it was damn late when we realize the time and we quickly back to fish's house for nap and refresh ourself for tomorrow's adventure!
*See how happy dylan is ? ... *

Stay tune for the Day2 that will update soon enough ~

Klang Trips 2nd Version

Gee...We went to klang agian...for the bakuteh's sake...
But this time isn't just eat and run , We planned for 2days 1night at Klang , Fish's house.
Around 10people included , There are :" myself , hon mun , dylan , cheekin , loong , kim , ah fai , fish , wch , steve.(*Now i know almost everyone got blog for himself...execpt sifu wong*)

So due to my careless habit , I didnt bring my transfer cable for my N95... So there will be no pic until then.... At least i can tell you guys some story about what we went to watch yesterday...



It's about a girl named Sophie having a mother Donna with 3 men that suspected to be this girl's dad...So the mother is some kinda sluts (even she also admit it at the movie)...

So in total it's was a good movie , Got potential on it...But maybe it's not my cup of tea (Singing and dancing while in the movie is not my type , Like hair spray , bollywood style movie)

So i rate it 5/10

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sg.Chiling Jungle Trekking

This morning i went to sg.chiling near bukit fraser there for jungle trekkings. I followed my dad and his same old gangs from different churches and then begin the journey...

*At the entrance of the place*

*santuari ikan sungai chiling*

Firstly it was my first time for jungle trekking in my hometown...yeah..first time( Do climbing mountain for finding wild boar in younger age time count?)

Secondly..The trail was superb , water everywhere...Even my shoe also have to dip into the mud water...*euu..*

*The first trail in the beginning*

*Jungle everywhere...*

Luckly i didnt saw any wild life nearby...lolz
and here is my camwhore pic in the 1st stations

*map camwhore ! *

The 1st sungai crossing ...which means you have to grab your personal belongings , bag , camera , n95 into plastic bag and put it at top of your head and cross....Luckly the water isnt deep either...Just above my waist(The deepest)

*Yeah...preparing to put things on top of your head*

In the middle of the trails...We even step/dip into mud water...and further on we meet a trails full of water....No choice but to step on the water ...lol

*Water everywhere*

At last about 1hour walking/trekking , We finally reached our destinations, The water fall !...
what to do? ...camwhore lar..

*Waterfall camwhore*

*the crystal clear waterfall that contain 3layers(cannot see the other two)*

Unfortunately due to my camwhore'ness...My hp run outta battery already....
But we were enjoying swimming and picnicking and back around 2pm...

Damn tired the whole jungle trekking but enjoyable~

Friday, September 12, 2008


Since dylan request about adding his picture...so i post a second post.

Tada... Our planner dylan !

*Planner planing the plan *

And heres is the PERFECT group shot ! tada...

Oh ya....not forgetting we have to thanks our battlefield journalist Ah Sum for "daring" to snap shot while having battle...

*Whoa...he saw something big and juicy to shoot!*

*Even planners also give shot ...lolz*

So after the "pain" ball....we went to relax at TBR for yumcha...

*yeah~ damn relax*

Finally posting this "meatball" that happen to appear in everyone's blog....lol
i bet that some might not have the oppotunately to saw AMLers naked ....so...here is !

*damn precious sweet memories of the naked legend*

Oh ya...feel sad that i didnt snap any swimming picture because too wet lar...*sigh*


Today just after the exam ... We went to melati there for Paintball !
Since dylan already planned so many time but mostly failed because of stupid question like "no money , no time , no lanpa guts...For this time it's work sucessfully *claps for AMLers*

So spin it around several taman and found this jungle war zone ..

*jungle war located near jungle duh..*

Camwhore with the sign board for proof that " i'm been shoot here " lolz


Found out not just me alone that like to camwhore....

*spot someone with "desperately" camwhore face?*

After the brief from the person in charge....

*bite bite bite...bite by mosquito...*

*A not so full group pic*

For those who wish to have a peek on my costume ... check it out
*The halo from wangsa maju*
*several halos from different planets*
Definitely darren was damn pro about paintball...too bad he is leading a newbie group like us...

So end up been shoot by dylan from right shoulder
*Turn purple right after been shoot...*
It's not that pain actually for the first sight...but later...
You will know what happen....*ouch*