Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gunung Ulu Semangkok

On 20th December i went to Fraser hill - Gunung Ulu Semangkok Trail for hiking , Along with my dad's friends , All together roughly 12 people include children ..

Early in the morning we went to buy Foods , Drinks etc, Stop by at our Peacefully Pekan.

*Damn peaceful , Even birds also lesser than KL ..haha*

Around 30minuite we reached the 1/3 parts from fraser hill .
*Damn cold ! damn cold ! *

The weather was damn cold ! ... It's because of last night's rain. The road was wet and i doubt our Trail would be muddy...

And i was right ~

*Muddy Road ...*

Due to the morning breeze plus the new year wind . It's extreamely cold at there , And the last night's rain make the tree become wet and cause rain when wind blow...

I'm Wet !..Yet cold! ...

*Some of the half road scenary*

*The weather is okay , But wet and windy*

I wonder what the hell is this worm .... So i take a snap on it...

*It really looks familiar huh?...*

Monday, December 22, 2008

Carls Jr the 2nd Time

Last wednesday i went to midvalley with camie , Suddenly butt itchy desperately need to dig in carls jr's burger... So we just went there for it...

*Gosh ..Midvalley's Christmas deco just like indian style*

It's so shiny that i cant resist to take a snap on it :D
*Green Green Shiny Deco Ball*

I cant resist on taking this whole Christmas tree too...
*Blek ~*

Went into Carls Jr .....Wasted used around Rm50 for two...

*"A Star of serve you better " said Carls jr*

I was order the Double Western and camie order the dunno what chicken mushroom (i wonder am i order the same old burger since last time?)
*Behold ! ...The Damn Gigantic Burger! *

After we swallowed my burger , We decided to move on for digesting....

So we watched the DOG BOLT !
*Thunder marks in it's right body...*

Overall it's okay lar....In terms of -
Animating part 9/10
Lipsnychro 9/10
Lightning 9/10
Camera Angle 10/10
Storyline 8/10

To be honest , I was blurred by this story , Not because of it's way of telling , It's because of the damn profession's cell inside my brain. I keep on enjoying their skills of animation rather than the story...So called 职业病 *Sigh*

Oh ya the story is about a cat...
*a 3d cat that owned a thunder mark beside it..*

Okay...i lied ...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jingle Bell With Sickness

Wu~ I had my illness on last saturday ...Fever plus some stomachache... Mostly the damn maggie mee that cause my stomach pain...Banned Maggie mee forever !!!

It's look like i'm gonna spend my Christmas with these sickness...(choi choi..)

*Some of my medicine....Ya...some...*

Speaking of christmas...I went to KLCC for PCFAIR grabbin last friday(the day before i ate the damn maggie mee)..

Grabbed a 500Gb Seagate HDD for just purely Rm188 ?!... Unbelivable?...believe it *haha*

1Tb as i heard was just Rm299 ... Hardware are so easily drop their price huh?...

How bout my R20 Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works?!

*Still Rm167 in Kinokuniya....*

Maybe i'm just stupid to wait Kinokuniya's book to drop price... *haiz*

Anyway ...Saw this christmas tree on the center of KLCC , Grab my phone and take it ....

*Finally some Christmas environment *

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Greenbox Truck?

Wow...Yesterday saw something intresting , Green box's truck infront of metro wangsa yesterday , Somemore an ahpek inside singing , Seems that the trucks need some attentions so they put the speaker outside.

Damn noisy la ....Haha

*Someone shaking his head =.=*

*Notice the skycolor?*

Actually these two picture was taken around 6-7pm , But then it's like DOOMSDAYS !
Damn windy and raining , Luckly before the "doomsday" start we tapao and ran back home...hehe

Oh ya ...This tuesday i went to blood donation at TARC , For Munster's infromations , It's my 2nd time ! wee~ so precious ! ahaha

*Huh ? sticker changed to BM?*

*My package!...of blood donate equipment*

Anyone wanna go Ktv after watching the truck?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Crap in my mind

To be honestly , I was worry about my Final year project , The animations that work on 3D, first would be It’s the 1st 3d animations that I’m working on it, It’s still a long way to deal with 3d animations.

Anyway I’ll try my best to work on it, As time goes by I will improve my skills.

By the way
Happy birthday Fish , Yesterday we celebrate fishy’s birthday at hometown steamboat , suppose on today but we celebrate it earlier because of fish(yeah…it’s fish fault again …lol)

*See his face so lengzai*

*Fishy..finally twenty*

Semester goes like cloud as cloud flies without words and sound. This is the last semester that I’ll stay on TARC , probably in Wangsa maju as well , So after this semester what would be next? …Working ? Degree in UK ? … I wonder…

As every time I fell into trouble , I hope that God will bring me back on the right tracks , And it’s always successfully done. This time would be not excluded as well… Yeah ! I will finish my Animations !...

At least…This is my crap in my mind…

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Gunpla

Okay......Today i went to KTV with camie and attend the Bakuc located at Sg.Wang(Don't ask me why still got such free time...Relax Relax ma~)

Haha...So i brought a gunpla in Timesquare there , Due to the so called Gundam Expo only sell some of the Gunpla and there are not my favourite HG ! (Damn many MG)...

So i bring back my 00Gundam with rm35(Cheap huh?) I tell you what , This Gunpla really worth it ! , Cheap but damn detail+movement alot ! Very impressive that how Bandai would come out something like this...

So the whole day would be Gunpla Attaching Days for me ...
Enough for the crap , Let's Attach~

*The Twin Drive System AKA 0+0 = Double Cheese Burger 0 Gundam*

Oh ya ...I dunno whats the problem Bandai had , But damn ! , The Transparent Plastic that Bandai provide was a bit...Lacking , The color totally different and It's MAKE ME MAD ! argh!

So i use my gundam marker to draw the head's Reddish light as well as the two GN SwordII's upper Blue part.

*Tada ! ...Damn hard to color it*

The half of attaching~...Sleep a while after that ...hehe

*The Gundam Without Leg*

After "some" period i finally finish my Gundam!

*GN-OOOO 00 Gundam(So many O , No wonder it's double O gundam)*

*Kinda proud of this gundam , Thanks Bandai! *

Coming up next would be Cherudim Gundam/Virtue Gundam~

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adobe CS4

Today i went to Shangri-la hotel to attend the Adobe Creative Suite4's launching kinda talk. So wake up in the morning , prepared and went to LRT along with buncha gangs...

Reached there around 8-9am..It's kinda late but we still manage to be there...

*The Shangri-la hotel...*

There were tons of designers who attend to this talk, I ran into many familiar faces today. Lecturer , Ex-lecturer , friends , juniors.. etc etc

*Everyone was having a tea before the talk starts*

Inside the hall ... The speaker that i love the most is Tim Cole. Damn funny this guy , And well entertained us . Glad to hear his speech and his technique on PS/Id/Ai .

*Inside the hall....*

But sadly after the tea break which is right after Karl's speech on his Ae/Pr stuff... We ran off because that it's not that interesting anymore further on...
(Gee~ i would like to see Flash as well...Oh well~)

In conclusion...This CS4 is superb ! great ! marvelous ! and COOL! (coz it's been a Cool Stuff 4)...

Looking forward to download Buy this Product... Keke

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Randomly we choose...

This monday we having our usual "football" ...But only survive for 1-2hours(Damn raining)...

So afterward we went to jusco for "lunch+dinner"...
Damn... it's just like our old time...hehe

So 5 of us called 4 set of lunch(wch excluded)...

*So randomly...Guess which one is mine?*

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Melaka Trip Part2

So the next day , We went to jonker streets again for the chicken rice ball...
On this month it's Damn hot in melaka But strangely...Raining season in Kl.....

So most of us spend a lot for buying water...

*The hat brought by Daniel*

Our choice would be this Hoe Kee chicken rice ball ...Recomended by howard...

*Hoe kee...Very old style*

We ordered 30 balls for 5 of us....a bit ...lacking....But still okay la..

*Looks like fish ball....*

*The half chicken and 30 balls...*

After the eat....We went to Porta De Santiago AKA A famosa...
It's purely for visiting our melaka's heritage....Nothing to eat

*The weather damn hot!*

I still remember Diploma sem we had our Photography from Justin and we running all the way from KL to melaka ....Just for shooting...*sigh*

*So memorable*

The statue of *Dunno who* ...ahaha

*No name was found*

Camwhore with the red christ church 1st...
*Symbol of melaka....haha*

*The church really works....on Sunday!*

Then four of us went to this Museum melaka for some looks..
*The Stadthuys..*

Okay...I guess thats end my melaka trips...
I get a :
-BB Shotgun(Really childish)
-Dodol for friends
-and gain weight T_T

Friday, October 24, 2008

Melaka Trip Part1

Last two week (10th-11th october) i went to melaka with my hometown friends for a food trips , It also the 1st time we had a bunch of us gathering outside of our states...

So we stay at the guest house which Fish intro to me. That is Ringos Foyer Guesthouse.

*Ringos Camwhore...*

After we dropped our bags , We head to the most famous streets for melaka that is ...Jonker streets !

Basically it's a Petaling streets kinda feel . Full of junk foods , Playable toys , Weird stuff etc..
*Crowded with peoples...*

On the way i found this "Famosa Chicken Rice Ball" that i went to it at diploma years..

I still remember when i first time visit melaka and found out everything so special. Sean from u2 say to me:-

Me: "I wanna bring something back KL...But what ar ?"
Sean: " bring this cup back lar.." then point to the plastic cup that i was drinking...
Me:" Okay..." then i warp it with plastic bag...

Haha...the cup that i mentions was still in my desk until now *haha*
*Famosa chicken rice ball*

I even saw the geographer cafe that fish mentions
*Luckly i saw fish's lengchai face expression...

so i didnt visit it*

But i did try this raddish cake(Intro from fish too...)
*Totally delicious!*

After some walk we decided to back guest house for rest our stomach.....
But after that we decide to go for satey celup also...
Due to howard , Ringos foyer's boss suggest us to eat Satey celup in midnight for lesser crowded people....
And it was right...There are 1 table left for us to sit ..Wuhuhu~
*So many satey celup to makan!*

*The 5 of us(include camera man Daniel) *

Stay tune for part2 that i will update soon

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Days

Last monday we had our 1st class (it's second actually , But the 1st one lecturer didnt doesnt count XD )...

So after the class we had our badminton matches with a bunch of classmates...
Some of them were damn happy to see their beloved classmate until they jump like this ....

*Wee...Gay jump*

On the other day...i went to lowyat with Fish and Steve for my graphic card's upgrade...
Brought already rm345 ATI Radeon HD 4670 graphic card...

*Bye bye my old HD3650...*

Ya...My HD 4670 Graphic card !...Wuhuhuhu~

*The outside...*

*The inside....weee*

Damn happy and sad in the same time....Happy for owning a new Graphic card...Sad for being broke for whole week....*sigh*